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Best Dedicated Server

Despite the expense and complexity, dedicated server hostings provide many benefits for your business. Whether you wear a e-commerce site that requires many resources as if you need extra security for your projects, dedicated servers are your solution.


What is Dedicated Service?

Once purchased and paid for the service, the supplier will provide all the basic and necessary, as root access to the server (machine), the software, the OS (operating system) and an appropriate and stable connection.

This server and its interface is totally recommended for professional web developers or running multiple businesses, as this allows us to control and independence to manage our own information. At the same time, it gives us an album with great space and a large volume of traffic. Another feature we have is the possibility of installing simple or complex applications on our websites without the worry of knowing how it will affect server stability.

Managed Dedicated Server

If you are working with a business that absorbs us all the time that we need, then we should this as the dedicated server is maintained and controlled by the provider within your own data center, together with the support (backup ), management software, firewall and security is paramount. And though it may be a bit costly definitely is a better option over time is a good investment because it will give us time to focus on other important things too. And because the server will be for the exclusive use of a client, always expect optimum performance and hardware is very reliable.

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Unmanaged Dedicated server

This service provides the necessary and important materials such as; machine, connection and operating system, as well as access to the server, but in this type of dedicated server will be the user who handled everything and here depends on the proper functioning of the server, because we have to perform the functions of administrator, ensure safety and maintenance, the task of software updates needed and for this we must have the necessary skills, this service might cost a little more comfortable, but would have the knowledge necessary to hire an administrator and add up all the costs we would more expensive than a dedicated server. Then the dedicated server is typically used by e-commerce sites and schools, business management, is very good, but if you are starting fresh could purchase a shared server but if you already going to start a business a business, not think and acquire a dedicated server.

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