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What is a Hosting?

To begin explain what is a hosting to those who have heard the term but do not have it clear: A hosting or web hosting is not only a virtual space (as an empty field) where it will point your domain (www ..) and where you can set up your website, store your emails, your forum, blog, database, etc.

Why Choose Web Hosting services payment?

There are 3 main reasons: many more features, excellent support, and good speed. The paid hosting services offer a wide range of features. Support is available 24/7, even on holidays. With this type of hosting, you can be assured of a reliable service. Also, if you want to enjoy excellent speed, you should consider paid hosting. Any visitor enjoys websites that load quickly.

Common types of Web Hosting Pay

There are different types of web hosting services:

Shared Hosting: is one of the principal methods used by companies. With shared hosting your site is placed on a server with hundreds of other websites share the resources available, reducing the cost.

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Virtual Private Server (VPS): s a method of partitioning a physical server into multiple servers so that everything runs as if it were running on a single machine. You'll be the only one using your virtual server, you have the ability to make changes to the operating system and web server, which is not allowed in a shared housing.

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Dedicated Servers: The user gets its own Web server and gains full control over the (Administrative Access), however, the user typically does not own the server. The user has full administrative access to the server, which means that the customer is responsible for the security and maintenance of his own dedicated server.

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